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Traditional style

Guff Gunter Lugsail

Traditional style rig, gaff, gunter and lusail have more windage and drag and are considerably less efficient upwind. This type of rig is much more difficult to handle than the modern sloop rig.

 Mizzen style

Yawl Ketch Schooner

This rig concept is likely to be found on very large yachts of 37 m or more. Yawls and ketches have a mizzen mast and sail aft of the mainmast. This type of rig is more balanced fore and aft, with visible reduction in sail and spar size for easier handling in windy conditions. 

 Sloop style

Sloop masthead Sloop fractional Spritsail

There are two types of sloop rig. Masthead rig has a forestay that goes right to the top of the mast and it is used with a full - height genoa. The fractional rig has a forestay that only goes a certain height up the mast. The fractional rig has superior windward performance and is more aerodynamically efficient than the masthead rig.
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